Division 3 Registration

Recreation Division 3 Fall 2020

The deadline to register for the Fall 2020 draft is 7/27/2020 - but you may still register as a sub/replacment player

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Shirt Size: Preferred Pos #1: Preferred Pos #2: Need a runner:
Managers have the final determination on batting order and field positions.
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In which season did you last play: at level
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Will you be in The Villages for the start of the season? :
If not, what date will you return?:

Please Note: New players must sign up to play in the division they were evaluated for the initial season.
Returning players may sign up at the level they are presently playing, or one level higher or lower.


If I am not drafted in Division 3, I would prefer to

I agree to play by The Villages code of conduct.

When the Recreation Department undertakes programs and activities, we make certain assumptions. They are nothing more than common sense. We assume that, since you have applied to participate, you want to play softball. We assume that you, as an adult, want to be seen in a very positive light. We assume that you will address issues as reasonable adults, utilizing the mechanisms that are in place for resolution of such issues. The guiding principle should be, is and allways will be THE GOLDEN RULE - 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

Having listed those assumptions, the following are intended to provide clarification for all participants:
1. The use of obscenity, profanity or vulgarity in any conversations involving participants will not be tolerated.
2. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain a safe, pleasant and comfortable playing atmosphere.
3. Every individual who participates in this program has the right to be treated with respect. No one should be disparaged or criticized in front of his/her teammates and spectators. Bring your complaints and concerns to your manager or Division Board representative.
4. Any player ejected from a game will be subject to rule 3.K. of the Recreation Softball Policies and Procedures.

I have read the foregoing CODE OF CONDUCT and will abide by its contents. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

By signing up as a roster player, I commit to attending my scheduled games in accordance to the Recreation Division 3 attendance policy.
Press 'I Agree' below to submit your registration - registrations are not complete unless you agree to the code of conduct.